TOUR 2017

Washington, D.C. November 2-3

Innovation Tour 2017


Digital Transformation is on the minds of astute business & IT leaders everywhere in every industry. That’s why Software AG’s invigorating Innovation Tour 2017 brought you an “ideas network” filled with impressive keynotes, informational breakout sessions and real-world digital success examples.

Let’s build your digital future together #withoutcompromise.

How should you be spending your time? What should you really focus on? Cloud? Big Data? IoT? Let us help you focus and share with you what your peers are doing.

Contact our office to take the next step and visit our website for more insights & innovation.

Kevin Niblock, President & COO, North America, Software AG


Kevin Niblock
Kevin Niblock
President & COO, North America, Software AG
Kevin Niblock, joined Software AG in July 2015 as President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of North America, and as a member of the Software AG Group Executive Board.
Geoff Calvin
Geoff Colvin
Senior Editor-At-Large, FORTUNE
Stefan Sigg
Dr. Stefan Sigg
Chief Research & Development Officer Software AG
Dr. Stefan Sigg, born 1965 (Nationality: German), has been a member of the Management Board of Software AG since April 2017 (under contract until 2022) and is responsible for Research & Development.
Paul Roehrig
Paul Roehrig
Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Cognizant Digital Business


Wednesday, November 1

9:00 am – 5:00 pm PRE-CONFERENCE TRAINING CLASS Click for description

These educational training classes are offered in addition to the Innovation Tour Conference for those attendees who want more in-depth training. Registration is required, and these courses incur additional fees which will be charged during online conference registration.


Migration from Software AG’s webMethods Broker to WebMethods Universal Messaging

Haven’t made the change to webMethods Universal Messaging but curious as to what will be needed and/or what to expect when you do make the move? 

Taught by Sr.Instructor, Hugues Tremblay (former Principal Consultant for Software AG’s Global Competency Center), this one-day hands-on training course explores the difference and considerations you should look into when migrating from webMethods Broker to webMethods Universal Messaging. 

Students completing this special course will gain a high level side by side comparison to help you decide when the time is right for you.   

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the high level differences between Broker and Universal Messaging
  • Gain a better understanding of the migration strategy
  • Plan your migration strategy

Software Versions Covered:

  • webMethods Broker
  • webMethods Universal Messaging

Audience: Experienced webMethods Practitioners

Prerequisites: Deep knowledge of webMethods Broker


  • High level overview of Universal Messaging
  • Using Integration Server with Universal Messaging (Messaging and JMS Provider)
  • Migration process between Broker and Universal Messaging
  • Universal Messaging Zones vs. Broker Territories and Gateways


  • Lecture, presentation
  • Hands-on workshop

Duration: 1 day


Thursday, November 2

7:30 am to 8:45 am - Registration & Breakfast - Partner Showcase Click for description

Registration and Breakfast

8:45 am to 9:00 am: Welcome to Unleash Your Digital Vision #withoutcompromise - Kevin Niblock, Software AG Click for description

Kevin Niblock, President & COO, North America, Software AG

9:00 am to 9:45 am: Leading Ahead of What’s Next – The New Rules of Business - Geoff Colvin, Senior Editor-At-Large, FORTUNE Click to download presentation

The whole world of business is changing in historic and profound ways – disruptive technology, government’s role, and the balance of global economic power are shifting massively – and it’s happening fast! While political winds may blow toward restrictions on trade and immigration, the trends powering the friction-free economy are technological and going strong. Competing and winning in business today requires extraordinary leadership at every level of the organization. Colvin has a unique perspective rooted in long-standing relationships with the world’s top leaders in business and government. He knows what they’re seeing, thinking, and planning and reveals how they’re leading, making choices, and responding to today’s challenges in ways that others can learn from. A unifying theme as the economy transforms is that in almost every business, barriers to entry are coming down. Geoff’s message is optimistic and energizing: Opportunity is more widely available than ever. Every organization, and every person, can possess the 21st Century’s most valuable assets – openness to new ideas, ingenuity, and imagination.

9:45 am to 10:15 am: Your Digital Transformation #withoutcompromise - Kevin Niblock, President and COO, North America, Software AG Click to download presentation

Hear Kevin Niblock, President and COO, North America, explain the 5 steps that enterprises must follow in their journey to digital transformation. Mr. Niblock will offer tangible tips that business leaders can take, and share numerous use cases inspired by the companies already on the path from digital exploration to digital disruption.

Guest speaker: Raj Radhakrishnan, Global Head of Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy and Utilities, Cognizant Technology Solutions

10:15 am to 10:45 am: Networking Break in Partner Showcase Click for description

Refreshments in the ‘Meet the Experts’ and Partner Solution Showcase

10:45 am to 11:30 am: Enabling the Digital Transformation - Stefan Sigg, Chief Research & Development Officer, Software AG Click to download presentation

Technology is changing the competitive landscape faster than ever. Native digital companies are disrupting entire markets with superior customer service. One thing is clear: To outperform the competition, your business must become digital. Digital Transformation requires a Digital Business Platform to create unique ways to stand out from the competition. Our Digital Business Platform enables you to drive innovation and adapt to any future market or technology disruptions. The Digital Business Platform is your technology layer that enhances rather than replaces your current core IT systems. Gain a future-proof architecture and build differentiating applications to increase your competitiveness and success in a digital world.

11:30 am to 11:50 am: Customer Insights: Bosch Click for description

Moderator:Jennifer Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, Software AG

Customer Speaker:Mohak Shah, Head of Data Science, Bosch

11:50 am to 12:30 pm: The Work Ahead: Mastering Our Digital Future & Answering the Question “What to Do When Machines Do Everything?– Paul Roehrig, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Cognizant Digital BusinessClick for description

Moderator: Jennifer Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, Software AG
Hear inspiring stories from the front lines of digital transformation from tech leaders who are driving innovation in their organizations.

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm: Networking Lunch Click for description

Buffet lunch in the ‘Meet the Experts’ and Partner Solution Showcase.

1:30 pm to 3:30 pm: INDUSTRY INNOVATION SESSIONS Click for description

Banking Session: Information Sharing and the Rise of Financial Services Eco-systems – Are you in (or are you out?)

Moderator: Laura Crozier, Global Industry Leader, Software AG

(Recommended for Banking, Securities and Insurance Industries)

Some call it the API economy. Some called it Hyper-Connectivity. In banking, it’s known as Open Bank. Even if there isn’t agreement on a name, most agree that sharing data with an eco-system of trusted partners is the future of Financial Services. Financial service providers are now asking themselves tough questions: How will I digitally transform (and scale) an IT architecture that is designed to secure (not share) data? How will the eco-system change my relationship with my customers? What do I want my bank’s role to be in the ecosystem? In this session, attendees will hear about new and changing business models being used to address these challenges.

Digital Industries – Predicting Asset Maintenance, Creating Intelligent Factories, Connecting Every“thing”

Moderator: Sean Riley, Global Industry Leader, Manufacturing & Transportation, Software AG


  • Mohak Shah, Bosch
  • Ralph Rio, ARC Advisory
  • Amit Gupta, HCL

(Recommended for Manufacturing & Transportation Industries)

How are enterprises connecting assets and leveraging predictive analytics and advanced intelligence as part of digital transformation? And most importantly, what is the realized value? Please join our group of expert presenters and panelists to learn and discuss how these technologies are being leveraged to digitalize industries. A few of the session participants include:

  • Ralph Rio, Vice President Enterprise Software, ARC Advisory, the leading technology research firm for industry and infrastructure
  • Mohak Shah, Head of Data Science, BOSCH, a leading multinational engineering & electronics company
  • Amit Gupta, Senior Vice President Manufacturing & Hi-Tech, HCL, an innovative technical consulting & IT solutions company
Download Presentation

Retail Session: ‘Amazonization’ – How to Survive in the Age of Amazon?

Moderator: Oliver Guy, Global Industry Leader, Retail, Software AG
(Recommended for Retail & Communications Industries)

Amazon and other digital pioneers pose a huge threat to B2C industries. Customers are embracing digitally-driven channels for everything from buying a pair of jeans to watching a movie to ordering a pizza. How will ‘traditional’ B2C companies survive? Simple. Abandon “tradition”. In this session, hear from B2C innovative firms and see how they are responding to this challenge.

1:30 pm to 3:30 pm: GOVERNMENT DIGITAL SESSIONS Click for description

Part 1: Mastering Your Government Data – Beyond Navigating Data Lakes and Streams

Moderator: Francis Rose, Broadcaster and Host, Government Matters on Washington (WJLA, ABC7)


  • Thomas Sasala, Chief Data Officer, Army
  • Mark Krzysko, Deputy Director for Enterprise Information, Department of Defense, OUSD(AT&L)/ARA
  • Michael Peckham, Data Act PMO Executive Director, HHS
  • Chris Borneman, Vice President, Software AG Government Solutions

While information offers a lot of benefits, it can be challenging, frustrating, and expensive. Building the right infrastructure to access and capture data isn’t simple. And then you need to be able to convert it into insight. Extracting insights from data used to be the domain of the IT department but more often functional leaders want to be masters of their own data.

Where do IT and functional leaders start to aggregate and analyze more information to support better decision-making collaboratively? What if your agency doesn’t have a CDO to bridge the gap between IT and functional teams? How can you enable more effective business process automation, better understand citizens, and provide more effective mission support? Join this expert panel dialogue to learn how agency data professionals are taking steps that result in “quick wins” towards an effective future data management strategy. (Recommended for Public Sector organizations)

Part 2: Securely Enhance the Value of APIs for Government

Moderator: Francis Rose, Broadcaster and Host, Government Matters on Washington (WJLA, ABC7)


  • Joe Paiva, CIO, Int’l Trade
  • Stephanie Payne, Executive Director, Digital Services, DHS (Invited)
  • Param Soni, Deputy Administrator and Deputy Director, U.S. Department of Labor
  • Rajesh Vasisht, Principal Consultant, Software AG Government Solutions

While many agencies already use Application Program Interfaces (APIs) to share data with the public and comply with Open Data mandates, APIs also enable new uses for current information that can deliver greater citizen responsiveness and operational effectiveness. These changes are making it increasingly important for federal, state, and local government agencies to develop and execute successful API strategies.

Bring your experience and questions to this interactive session to understand how your API strategies can be implemented to manage information at scale, from diverse systems and platforms, within and among agency computing environments and mobile initiatives. Seasoned professionals will explain how to enhance operational effectiveness and increasing security to ensure APIs are effective and protected.

3:30 pm to 4:00 pm: Networking Break in Partner Showcase Click for description

Refreshments in the ‘Meet the Experts’ and Partner Solution Showcase

4:00 PM to 4:15 PM: Customer Insights: Pfizer Click for description

Moderator: Jennifer Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, Software AG

Customer Speaker:Deb Boykin, Director of Business Process Management, Pfizer

4:15 PM to 4:45 PM: Customer Insight and Best Practice Panel Click for description

Moderator: Jennifer Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, Software AG


  • Tim Hunnicutt, Senior Enterprise Architect, Department of the Army
  • Nicole Alcock, Director of Software Development, Stewart Title
  • Ananth Subramanya, Solutions Head, Digital Applications & Platforms, Digital & Analytics, HCL Tecnhologies

4:45 pm to 5:00 pm: Close Click for description

Closing remarks by Kevin Niblock, COO, Software AG North America

5:00 pm to 7:00 pm - Club Innovation Reception Click for description

Hors d'oeuvres and Reception sponsored by Kellton Tech


Friday, November 3

7:30 am to 8:30 am - Registration & Breakfast Click for description

Buffet breakfast in the ‘Meet the Experts’ and Partner Solution Showcase.

8:30 am to 11:30 am - TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION SESSIONS Click for description


Session 1: Internet of Things

Moderator: Floyd West, General Manager, IoT, North America, Software AG

At Software AG we are focused on ensuring you deliver on the unique vision of the IoT you have for your business. Our modular set of IoT Platform Services, aligned with key functional areas of an IoT platform, can all be integrated with products from other vendors giving you a best-of-breed, extensible solution that can deliver real business value. Hear how our customers are leveraging IoT and Software AG IoT Platform Services to create new revenue streams, drive operational efficiencies, and increase customer engagement and retention.

The following topics will be addressed during this session:

  • Open IoT Frameworks. Hear from a panel of IoT experts about what they have learned from their experiences working with Global 1000 organizations developing their IoT frameworks. Find out why developing your own open IoT Framework might be the best approach to address the goals of your unique organization.
  • IoT Acceleration. Connecting devices and creating IoT applications can be a highly complex and expensive undertaking. Our Cumulocity Integration Platform makes the connection and management of devices fast and easy. See a demo and learn how to accelerate your adoption of IoT and realize the promise of IoT sooner.
  • Distributed IoT Architectures. Lower the barrier to entry with a distributed IoT architecture that allows enterprises to perform real-time streaming analytics at the edge of the network. The architectural benefits are decreased latency times for real-time events, a significant reduction in network traffic and a reduction in the central server power needed to cope with the volume of data. See a demo of Software AG’s and Dell’s co-innovation solution for Edge gateways and real-time analytics.
  • Embedding Machine Learning. AI and machine learning play a critical role in enabling real time decisions. Historically, deployment of sophisticated analytic models is time consuming and labor intensive leading to missed economic opportunities. Now, with Software AG’s Zementis Predictive Analytics enterprises can easily integrate leading analytic techniques in a radically accelerated manner. See just how easy with this demo.
Download Presentation

Session 2: Business and IT Transformation


  • Dr. Ulrich Kalex, SVP Product Line Management and R&D, Software AG
  • Julian Krumeich, Product Manager, ARIS, Software AG/


  • Voytek Janisz, Avery Dennison
  • Bill Jaramillo, CSC
  • Darrell Piatt, CSC
  • Tom Decker, CSL Behring
  • Steve Arone, Pfizer

Delivering on Digital Transformation

Organizations are challenged to change their business and operating models to leverage the opportunities of digital business and ensure survival in an agile and competitive business environment. Understanding your business strategy and aligning digital strategies and initiatives to that strategy are the keys to success. Further, new digital technologies and nimble market entrants are forcing companies of all sizes to increase the speed with which they change their business models and deliver the related products and services. IT departments similarly have to up the ante and deliver change at a much higher rate. This session will cover the capabilities you need to master digital transformation:

  • Digital Business Models (from planning to strategy to execution)
  • Innovation Management and Ideation
  • Selecting and Monitoring a Digital Strategy
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Implementing a Bi-modal Approach
  • Operational Project Management
  • Analytics and process discovery

Join us to hear from Software AG experts and customers in presentations and a panel discussion.

Download Presentation

Session 3: Hybrid Integration, APIs and Dynamic Apps

Moderator: David Overos, Product Marketing Leader, Software AG


  • Orlandus Gilmore, Duke Energy
  • Navdeep Sidhu, VP Product Marketing, Software AG
  • Sami Morcos, Chief Solutions Architect, Software AG

Implementing Microservices and DevOps in a Hybrid Cloud environment – Navdeep Sidhu, VP Product Marketing
IT departments are looking to leverage microservices to rapidly build applications to support web scale architecture requirements. This session will offer best practices for architecting an integration-centric microservices architecture that embraces the discipline of DevOps in order to build cloud native applications that can be deployed in a hybrid cloud environment.

Customer Success Story - Orlandus Gilmore, Duke Energy

Building a Successful API Management Program - David Overos, Product Marketing Leader, Software AG
Building a successful API program requires both business and technical planning. In this session we will highlight the critical requirements, from promotion of APIs and building an API ecosystem, monetization with API plans and packages, and securing your APIs from unauthorized users and malicious attacks. We will also showcase a demo of the latest capabilities in Software AG’s new webMethods API Gateway.

Dynamic Apps Platform - Sami Morcos, Chief Solutions Architect) and Navdeep Sidhu, VP Product Marketing
Applications are center stage in the creation of powerful customer experiences. But traditional applications cannot keep pace with the demands of digital transformation. That's why both IT and the business need a platform that meets today's low code and case management requirements for application development. In this session you will learn why Software AG's Dynamic Apps platform was recently named a leader by a leading analyst firm, and discover how Software AG can speed up your digital transformation initiatives by helping you create powerful apps quickly. Combining the capabilities of a low code application platform with traditional BPMS capabilities in a single platform, it is the most comprehensive and powerful platform available today.

  • Building Process and Case Apps with the new Dynamic Apps Platform
  • Check out the latest capabilities in the Dynamic Apps platform that enable you to create simple apps quickly and easily, as well as to scale and build more complex apps as part of your company’s broad digital transformation initiatives.
  • Driving Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Dynamic Apps
  • RPA offers exciting advantages for companies seeking to create smarter applications with deeper levels of process and data automation. That's why RPA is a perfect fit with Software AG's Dynamic Apps platform, offering greater levels of digital transformation and improved user experiences. See how Software AG can help you benefit from RPA.

Upcoming Innovations

Navdeep Sidhu, VP Product Marketing, will provide an in depth overview of the latest innovations across all of the webMethods product areas, including Integration, API Management, Process and Dynamic Applications.

8:30 am to 2:00 pm - Preparing the Government for Digital Transformation Click to download presentation

Join us to learn how our solutions are helping in the public sector! This daylong session will give you visibility into solutions and ideas to implement at financial, public safety, healthcare and other agencies. 

Software AG´s Innovation Tour stops in Washington, D.C. and offers a whole day to learn more about:

  • How to break down IT siloes and modernize legacy systems: Your agency is being driven by the need to innovate, reduce costs and manage risks. With your large investments in applications, you are asking how you can maximize your RoA (Return on Assets) for these applications within a modern, integrated 21st-Century digital architecture. You can’t get there in one big leap, and you don’t want to leave your investments behind. We’ll look at solutions and services which can help you advance along the modernization maturity curve in a stepwise way, ultimately leading to a millennial-ready Digital Business Platform that will continue to deliver important value alongside new capabilities like streaming and predictive analytics, IoT devices and dynamic, low-code apps.
  • Leveraging dashboards and analytics for better citizen engagement: RBC uses a combination of Software AG’s Adabas SQL Gateway and Mashzone to create a near real time, interactive dashboard of critical information. Nikolai Chmatov will explain how RBC exposed current mainframe data to create an “Active” data warehouse, using Adabas SQL Gateway.
  • DevOps – Agile Development Lifecycle:DevOps is the practice of IT Operations and Development participating together in the entire service lifecycle; from design through the development process to production implementation. DevOps is a philosophy, not a method, or framework, or body of knowledge, or *specific* vendor’s tool. Understand how DevOPS is changing the way applications are developed and maintained.
  • Interagency Interoperability - Connecting agencies with agencies: State and local governments that depend on legacy mainframe technology for core processes are facing daunting challenges as they look to the future. While FORTRAN, COBOL and green screens are clearly the wave of the past, the best path forward in terms of cost, risk and smoothness of transition is not so clear to most CIOs. Fortunately, technology that can both leverage the past and launch the future exists.
  • Hear what A&N 2050+ can do for your organization and agency: Bruce Beaman of Software AG Product Marketing will discuss future directions for the Adabas and Natural 2050+ vision in technical detail.

Don´t miss the chance to meet Software AG´s public sector experts and to exchange information and experiences with your peers.

11:30 am to 12:00 pm - Lunch in the Partner Showcase Click for description

Lunch & Departures

12:00 pm to 2:00 pm - Alfabet User Group Click for description

Software AG’s Alfabet solution serves a fast-growing community of clients from leading organizations. Our customers have some of the most innovative programs in the industry for Business and IT Transformation and we are proud to be able to support these with our market-leading product. We are convinced that regular interaction with Alfabet experts and with peers drives this innovation and is a key driving force behind proliferation of best-practices amongst the community, as well as a source for cutting-edge ideas related to product development.

As part of the Innovation Tour conference, the Alfabet User Group Meeting is the perfect complement to the strategic product and industry-oriented topics covered in the first one-and-a-half days. The half-day user group meeting will take a deep dive into topics such as the new Alfabet product release 10.1 (due out mid-October), Alfabet’s interoperability with Software AG’s ARIS for business process analysis and operational project management with Alfabet. There is no extra charge for the user group meeting.

To get the most out of the user group meeting, we recommend this session only for licensed users of Alfabet and for attendees who have some fundamental knowledge of the product.

12:00 pm to 2:00 pm - Workshop: DevOps by CloudGen Click for description

DevOps is changing the way IT delivers applications today, and CloudGen is a pioneer in enabling organizations for DevOps. Join us to learn how you can achieve your Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery goals for projects that involve Software AG’s Digital Business Platform (DBP). CloudGen’s tools and methodologies have been tried and proven successful by Software AG customers. In this 2 hour session, we will showcase customer stories and the transformational journey they went through to achieve their DevOps goals, using CloudGen’s CATE tool that helped them along the way. This session is proudly sponsored by CloudGen.


During our Innovation Tour, we have a range of experts on-hand that will be presenting on various technology tracks. You have the ability to schedule one-on-one time with these experts during the event. Do you have a burning question that you always wanted to ask, but never did? Are you curious as to “What’s next in a specific product’s roadmap?” Do you have some ideas for product enhancements that you’d like to suggest?

Our experts are available on to November 2nd and 3rd to talk with you about: 


  • Retail: Oliver Guy, Industry Director, Retail, Industry & Solutions
  • Financial Services: Laura Crozier, Global Industry Director, Banking, Industry & Solutions
  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain: Sean Riley, Global Industry Director, Manufacturing & Transportation, Industry & Solutions
  • Energy & Natural Resources, and Utilities Industries: Bart Schouw, Global Industry Director IoT, Industry & Solutions
  • State and Local Governments: David Taylor, Vice President, State, Local & Provincial Solutions


Learn More About the Experts

OliverGuyOliver Guy is the Retail Industry Director at Software AG. Oliver advises and supports retailers across the globe understanding retail technology solutions and how they can solve problems, drive growth, minimize risk and reduce cost as the industry digitizes and transforms. With over 15 years focused on retail technology, Oliver has worked with major global retailers such as Edcon, John Lewis, Waitrose, Ahold, DixonsCarphone, Metro, Best Buy, Morrisons, ICA, Panda, Vodafone, O2 and Boots to improve their business through the use of innovative technology solutions.

crozierLaura Crozier is the Global Industry Director for Financial Services at Software AG.  Ever since she landed her first job out of MBA school in the equity research department at BMO Nesbitt Burns, Laura has been a keen observer, analyst and participant in banking. She has over 20 years of global experience in roles spanning the front office to the back office, most recently as Global Head of Web Channels at RBC I&TS. Laura works with financial institutions across banking, asset management and insurance to help them identify how to take advantage of technology in order to achieve their business goals. Laura holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.  


Sean_RileySean Riley is the Global Industry Director for Manufacturing & Transportation for Software AG. Prior to joining Software AG in 2011, Mr. Riley has over ten years of experience in the supply chain and logistics fields. In addition to his work experience, Mr. Riley has received a BA in Business Administration from Hanover College, a MBA with Distinction from DePaul University and is a certified Six Sigma Greenbelt. As well as being a continual guest lecturer for DePaul University, Mr. Riley also sits on the curriculum advisory committee for the Graduate Program for Supply Chain and Operations Management and has been named a Supply & Demand Chain Executive “Pro to Know” for the fourth consecutive year. 


BSCHOUWBart Schouw is the Industry Director, Global for IoT, Energy and Utilities within Software AG, where he is responsible for the development and enrichment of the IoT strategy and for supporting the Salesforce in engaging with the Energy and Utilities Industry. Bart started his career in IT after graduating in Business Administration and has 25+ years of experience in the field. Bart is the driving force behind many innovative projects and is currently involved in a number of strategic projects in Europe, US Middle East and Australia that relate to IoT in general and cases like predictive maintenance and customer experience management, specifically. 


dave_taylorDavid Taylor is Vice President of State and Local Government Solutions for Software AG, where he serves as market strategist and subject matter expert for these government practices.  He brings over 30 years of experience in Florida State Government to Software AG. Prior to joining Software AG, David was the Chief Information Officer of the State of Florida and Executive Director for the Agency for Enterprise Information Technology. He was also the Chief Information Officer for the Florida Department of Children and Families and the Florida Department of Health.


If you would like to schedule time with any of the above experts, please email Edyn Segura and he will respond to you with a time and date.


Dr. Juergen Kraemer Dr. Jürgen Krämer

SVP, Product Management & Marketing
Area of Expertise:

  • Cumulocity IoT, Apama Streaming & Zementis Predictive Analytics
  • Terracotta In-Memory Data Management
  • MashZone NextGen
  • Universal Messaging
  • Digital Event Services

Navdeep Sidhu Navdeep Sidhu

VP Product Marketing
Area of Expertise:
  • Hybrid Integration
  • Application and cloud integration
  • API Management
  • B2B Integration & Managed File Transfer (MFT)
  • Dynamic Apps, Low code

David Overos David Overos

Senior Director, Product Marketing
Area of Expertise:

  • webmethods API Management
  • Integration Cloud (iPaaS)
  • API Gateway as a Service
  • API Portal
  • API Catalog

Manish DevganManish Devgan

Vice President - Products
Area of Expertise:

  • IoT, Data Management & Analytics, Cloud, Open Source
  • Terracotta In-Memory Data Management
  • MashZone Visual Analytics
  • Software AG Universal Messaging

Alim Yigiter Alim Yigiter

Senior Product Manager IoT
Area of Expertise:

  • Cumulocity IoT
  • Internet of Things
  • Streaming Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Digital Event Services

Uma Sachdeva

Director, Delivery, Global Consulting Services
Area of Expertise:

  • Software AG PRIME methology - Software AG webMethods Solutions Implementation best practices
  • webMethods ESB - Architecture & Application Integration

Shailen Prasad

Sr. Mgr, Product Management
Area of Expertise:

  • Terracotta In-memory solutions
  • NoSQL databases
  • InMemory Data-grids
  • InMemory Distributed systems

Bryan Hamilton

Principal Consultant, Global Consulting Services
Area of Expertise:

  • Alfabet Implementation Practice
    - IT Portfolio Management
    - Enterprise Architecture
    - Strategic Planning
    - Project Portfolio Management
    - Risk and Compliance
  • Aris Alfabet Interoperability
  • Alfabet Data Integration Framework

Jithesh Melepurackal

Senior Principal consultant, Global Consulting Services
Area of Expertise:

  • Universal Messaging
  • API management
  • webmethods – IntegrationServer, Active Transfer

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